Pearl in Oyster Necklace Set w/Sterling SIlver Twisted Drop Pendant

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The Perfect Twist in Our Twisted Drop Pendant

The Wish Pearl’s Twisted Drop Pendant is simple, elegant, and just plain beautiful. But wait! It is hardly plain--with its beautifully crafted etching it is just right. This necklace, which comes in a pearl in oyster gift box, is available either in sterling silver or may also be ordered in our ever-popular rose gold. Rose gold is one of the hottest jewelry trends we have seen in a long time.

Whether it is for Valentine’s Day; or to wear as your necklace as a bride; or to give as pendants to your bridesmaids, this pendant jewelry piece really can be worn for any occasion from formal to casual and in between, such as at work. It is important to note that with all of the choices for colored pearls, we can match just about any color scheme you select.

But if it is not gifted to you, do not hesitate to buy it for yourself. We KNOW you deserve it. No matter where you are, friends, colleagues, and family will just love your choice.

  • Pendant and chain made of sterling silver
  • Gift box design may vary
  • Pendant measures 1" H x 1/3"H (2 cm x  .5 cm)
  • Kit comes with pendant, chain and sealed oyster in can
  • Chain closes with round clasp
  • Oyster in can contains freshwater pearl in rice or potato shape
  • Option to purchase a second oyster containing a round freshwater pearl in a specific color

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