Sterling Silver Pearl in Oyster Gift Set w/Emerald CZ Green Leaf Accents

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Sterling Silver round pendant set with emerald green stones
WPS-Emerald Green Leaf

Elegant Emerald CZ Stones in Evidence…

We are not supposed to have favorites, but we are here to confess that The Wish Pearl Sterling Silver Round Pendant with Emerald CZ stones is one of our leaders.

So who would you give this beautiful jewelry set to? Well, while that is up to you, we can only imagine its impact on the recipient. How about your love–be it a girlfriend, fiance, or wife? Maybe you have a favorite grandma or aunt. Sometimes we are asked about a favorite teacher, who encouraged us and her support changed your life. Maybe a mentor from another time or place also deserves to be thanked. This pendant necklace will go a long way to do that.

Why must we always wait for a “special occasion”? While there are plenty of those, do not be afraid to make your own. How about First Date Anniversary, or Thanks for the Baby, or Just Because Day. If it is anything designed to inspire gratitude, name it. When someone asks her “where did you get that,” “or who gave it to you,” or “what’s the occasion?” This occasion-naming can be a lot of fun. No matter what, and no matter where she is, she is guaranteed to receive a lot of compliments.

The only problem with adding occasions is remembering them the next year!


  • Pendant and chain are made of sterling silver
  • Pendant measures 3/4" x 1/2" (1.5 cm x 1 cm)Comes with oyster containing pearl sealed in can
  • Gift box design may vary
  • set comes with freshwater pearl in can in potato or rice shape
  • Can also be worn as a charm on a bracelet
  • Option to choose a second pearl oyster by specific color. Choose from a selection of over 15 virbrant colors or select the "Surprise Me" option and have us choose the color on your behalf


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