5 Ideas to Put a Little Sparkle in Your 2020 Christmas Holiday Season

5 Ideas to Put a Little Sparkle in Your 2020 Christmas Holiday Season

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2020 Nov 20th

The Wish Pearl is here once again to help you welcome the Winter Holidays--Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s.

Many are looking not so much for big DIY projects (although those are great) but, more specifically, anything that can be done inside the house. Your creativity can be developed and can be an excellent way to stay involved with life. Also, if you have children, grandchildren, or others, they need projects to keep them stimulated as well.

Jewelry is One Way To Sparkle

With The Wish Pearl being all about jewelry and fashion accessories, we have two specific ways to help you to shine things up during this holiday season. Using plastic ornament balls is a great way to do it.

You can utilize no longer needed costume jewelry, breaking it apart or keeping it intact, putting it into the balls and adding colorful and/or shiny things like wrappers, foil, tissue paper, ribbon and so on. The trick is to fill them up from all angles, allowing enough room for light to sign through. Hang them on a tree or a garland.

Or, you can do the same thing with real jewelry. If you need a gift that truly sparkles, we suggest you use our many pieces that utilize Swarovski Crystals or Rose Gold or Morganite that are among our shiniest. Disguise them if desired with just a little bit of the materials suggested above, and mail the ball ornament right away as a holiday gift. Cotton could be used to look like snow and protect the jewelry as well.

If you are having an online holiday celebration through Zoom for example, you could also surprise the recipient by reaching up and unveiling your gift right on the spot for the recipient and others.

Resurrect Timeless Crafts For The Kids To Make

Some of us are getting in touch with the “good ol’ days” of spending time with family. How about assembling a bunch of everyday household items with which to make greeting cards or other gifts for those at a distance?

Remember cotton balls used for snow or the white trim on a Santa suit, particularly the ball at the end of his hat? Don’t forget the glue!

Or how about cotton swabs glued to a green piece of paper and making a Christmas tree? String of any kind can be used for garland. Or, if you are really ambitious, you can make popcorn to string as a decoration on the tree and as a treat for hungry crafters.

Beads can be strung onto thread to make garlands, too.

Perhaps some of you have seen the 2020 Holiday Tree online which appears to be going viral. It is assembled with toilet paper, apparently glued strategically, and decorated.

As always, The Wish Pearl wishes you the Merriest of Christmas, the Happiest of Hanukkahs, and a Happy, Happy Kwanzaa. Don’t forget New Years--a piece of jewelry in a champagne glass will always make for a nice toast. Here’s to 2021!