Headbands and Scarves

Fashion Headbands and Scarves From The Wish Pearl

You know what they say, never wear the same outfit twice! At The Wish Pearl we sell stylish headbands, trendy hair accessories for big girls as well as little ones. Staying true to their namesake, these fashion headbands are certainly versatile in the way women can use them to complement the different outfits they're wearing. Not only can women wear them as hair headbands, but with a few minor adjustments the Mad-dana can be easily converted into a bun or ponytail holder, a cute women"s hat and even stylish neck scarves.

If you're ever having one of those bad hair days, these head scarves or bandanas will still allow you to look your best. With several different colors, patterns and prints to choose from, we are sure you will find the fashion headwear that best matches your own unique style. With so many different ways you can use this hair wrap, you can even be creative and make it your own!

Whether you are suffering from hair loss conditions such as alopecia, or undergoing chemotherapy treatments, these comfortable headbands come to the rescue. Create a new look every time with these affordable and trendy bandanas.

Colorful head scarves and head wraps to match your own personal style