Soft Stretch Bandana Headband in Solid Print

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white headband

So envision the woman of decades ago wearing a headband. It was likely a plain piece of cloth maybe with some elasticity, designed primarily to keep hair out of her eyes. Children wore them too for that purpose

When you see the new, stylish headbands offered by The Wish Pearl, just one look will bring a word to mind; namely, VERSATILITY. It is a lot of fun to use your imagination when it comes to a fashion piece. We urge you to think about all the ways you can take this special headband to a level beyond what women of previous generations would have considered.

This headband can be a scarf worn around the neck. It can be a worn around the wrist. It can be tied and woven into hair in a variety of ways to enhance your hairstyle. It comes in multiple colors so you can coordinate that way. Whatever you do, do not forget to coordinate with your jewelry from The Wish Pearl. Speaking of versatility...

    • headband made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex
    • hand wash, flat dry
    • seamless
    • versatile headband, can be worn many different ways

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