Hand Knit Hats

The Wish Pearl Now Has Hand knit Hats for Warmth and Fashion

Diversity without sacrificing style is the hallmark of fashion-forward The Wish Pearl, which has now introduced a line of warm knit hats in a variety of colors and styles. From its versatile jewelry product line to wedding accessories to headbands, it now even offers its customers more with its hats. Fashion is a commitment be it to a warm hat or any other fashion accessory.


Hats have been a staple for women everywhere for generations. This is particularly true in the dead of winter in Northern areas.

So, you can use a hat for its function, but if you want extra quality and fashion statements, feel free to keep on reading.

At The Wish Pearl, we simply love quality in fashion. We also like to keep our product lines current and cutting edge–all for you. From our jewelry to our headbands, to our wedding accessories, and now our hand knit hats, we guarantee our quality for your enjoyment and price. Our products are used all of the time in the context of love.

We have hand-selected rich shades of blue, beige, and grey along with many other colors to compliment and/or match your coat, jacket, ski attire, snowmobile suit–anyone would work. Above all, check out the pompon,  one of our styles. Yes the Pom poms are hand made too!

As is true with all of our products, our special new hats can only make you more stylish, and cozy. And because it is hand made, extra care has been taken to make sure that it will last for years.

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