Eight Reasons to Support Local Businesses Now and Moving Forward

Eight Reasons to Support Local Businesses Now and Moving Forward

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2021 Dec 15th

Being a small business in our own right, we at The Wish Pearl are proud to offer some of the reasons why you not only can but SHOULD patronize small businesses whenever possible.

1. Small businesses offer more personalized services because you can actually speak with someone who, if not the owner, is one step removed from the owner, or at least one step removed from the person who has the owner’s ear. All of these people, and the owner, in particular, have an interest in making sure that the customers are satisfied.

2. Small businesses will work harder to keep you as a repeat customer. Unlike large conglomerates, small businesses are more customer oriented, some even going as far as meeting their clients face to face, through local fairs or other events.

3. The smaller stores will likely offer products and services not found in big box stores or imported from overseas. Many will even be handmade, and/or customized to your specifications or otherwise personalized.

4. Small businesses can also be patronized just online or both in-store and online. Now more than ever it has become the norm for most small or medium size business to be found online, some exclusively due to the lower costs incurred through a brick and mortar store.

5. Another benefit to buying locally may be the healthy benefits afforded to you and your family and guests. Local farmers will have access to chemically-free vegetables and fruits. Many products can be produced from grass-fed animals from whom they will sell meats, fresh eggs, and dairy. Local honey and jellies and jams made with local produce are very popular these days, too.

6. Whenever someone buys locally, it is statistically significant that more money stays in the community where it is located than leaves it compared to those purchases made at a chain retail outlet(s).

7. There is a tendency for local business owners to support one another. This supports other community-made products and farms.

8. Local communities have greater creative outlets by definition of being “local.” One community supported its businesses by pooling together funds given out to shoppers as vouchers to use at any store or stores in the community during a holiday season(s) as specified by a retailer(s). The store owners can decide as a group how to structure this in the spirit of cooperation.

While we appreciate your patronage here at The Wish Pearl, whether it is us or others, please support small businesses whenever you can.