Black Paisley Stretch Headband by Mad-dana

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Black Paisley Stretch Headband by Mad-dana

Versatile & Chic Headbands and Scarves from Mad-Dana

Never to be outdone when it comes to design and design history here at The Wish Pearl, our Black Paisley Stretch Headband features the buta or boteh curve which first came from Persia. It become popular in the West having been imported from India beginning in the 18th Century.Our headband, like everything else we sell, is timeless.

    • Dimensions: 17 1/2" x 9 1/2" (43 cm x 23 cm)
    • Polyester/Spandex/Lycra Blend
    • Hand wash recommended, flat dry
    • Easy to carry in a purse or tote

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