3 Great Ways to De-Stress After the Holidays

3 Great Ways to De-Stress After the Holidays

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Jan 18th

Much is written these days about the need to de-stress, relax or, as some might say, “get away from it all.” Depending upon what your “it” is, you have many opportunities to do just that--get away.

But maybe you have gotten away for the holidays and you just want to stay put.That’s fine, too.

The point is, you likely need to chill out no matter what.

There are an ever-growing trend to find the de-stress method that works for you. Some people swear by massage and/or physical therapy or chiropractic, and some get involved with other methodologies.

1) Meditation and/or prayer is huge now, along with keeping things like a gratitude journal, which allows you to express how grateful you are for what you do have as opposed to what you do not.

2) But according to a recent article found at Forbes.com, arguably the fastest growing area for rest and relaxation (R&R) is yoga, and according to recent survey respondents, “61% said flexibility was what drew them in; for 56% it was stress relief; for 49% it’s general fitness; for another 49%, overall health was the goal; and for 44% physical fitness.”

The article also said that just the awareness of the beneficial effects of yoga has grown from 75% in 2014 to 90% in 2017.

“Among current practitioners, 86% said that they experienced a strong sense of mental clarity, and 90% said they somewhat or strongly agreed that yoga is a form of meditation. Which is a good thing, since meditation was originally a huge part of yoga,” the article concluded.

3) To literally get away, it may be enough to go out to dinner with a friend and, budget permitting, you could have a spa day.There is nothing like a warm weather cruise or another type of destination vacation to get away to somewhere warmer than where you are.

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