5 Memorable Moment Mother's Day Gift Ideas

5 Memorable Moment Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Apr 18th

Make me a card. How many moms or grandmas have said this when asked the question, what do you want for Mother’s Day? Well, for you DIY’ers, you can make your own card with a recording of your voice. We saw one kit online from a company called Invite By Voice LLC, which comes with a mini recording device which you could use for your special card. Or, a good DIY'er can come up with their own.

The Wish Pearl has kits, too, but we also have ideas that could make that card even more relevant--and loving--making for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

How about this? A recording that says, “You know you are the Best Mom ever, right?” and matching that up with our Best Mom Pearl in Oyster Jewelry Gift Set. That says it all, in our opinion, and we have more “mom” pendants from which you can choose for a different jewelry gift you might have in mind.

Perhaps you want something whimsical, for which you could record, “You are the coolest mom ever. Remember when we had that beach vacation which made me realize how special you really are in your cool flip flops?” We have a great necklace to commemorate that--take a look at our Pearl in Oyster Gift Set with Beach Sandal Pendant.

Or you could say, “For Our Beautiful Mom, Here’s an Elegant Rememberance,” and gift to her our very pretty Pearl in Oyster Gift Set w/Necklace and Art Deco Floral Print.

Our Pearl in Oyster Necklace Set Tree of Life Cage Pendant would lend itself to a recording recognizing your roots, stemming from mom, or acknowledging that she is the glue that holds the family together--only you know exactly how you would say that to the mom in your life.

Usually give your children’s mom flowers? How about a card, which says that you have had a special year and you wanted this flower to last, give the Pearl in Oyster Sunflower Pendant for this year’s Mother’s Day instead?

We will also gift wrap your special pearl pendant kit for you upon request.

Remember, each of our pearl jewelry pieces contains a potential set of memories, so feel free to look for the pendant of your choice from our extensive jewelry collection. Have fun with that, and with your DIY’ing as you listen to Mom in your head saying, “Make Me A Card.”