A DIY for Valentine’s Day

A DIY for Valentine’s Day

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2021 Jan 24th

How could sending by mail or doing a porch drop off of a Valentine to someone that you love or someone in need of love not engender warm feelings and hope?

Or, stated another way, how about trying to extend your ability to love to someone in need of love and support?

Make Your Own

This Valentine’s Day, how about going DIY and making your own to send to loved ones and to send to perfect strangers to show you care? If you have them, enlist the kids in the household to help. As someone pointed out to us recently, most people have paper around their house. Occasionally, a doily or two may pop up ready to be added to a Valentine. If not, there is usually white paper (even if you “steal” some from a printer in your home) that can be cut like a doily or a kind of snowflake. The red paper is logical to cut out hearts, and, really, if you don’t have red, any color will do in a pinch.

Sometimes there are scraps of ribbon that are in a sewing box or were used as hair ribbons and are no longer needed. A ribbon woven into a doily or snowflake would look beautiful.

Add A Photo

If you are making Valentines for a grandparent or a favorite aunt or uncle, how about including a printed photo (if you only have black ink, that’s ok) as part of the Valentine.

If you want to send a small-sized gift, such as a Wish Pearl set of earrings to Grandma or some Valentine’s candy hearts, or you can attach a small pouch made from material you find.

Maybe you have a neighbour that you know is alone--what a nice thing to a Valentine on their porch.

If you do not have someone to send to, how about making one or some to drop off outside of a nursing home or long term care facility.

Look Online

There are a lot of ideas online, such as on Pinterest, if you are not naturally creative, or think you are not. Whatever resonates with you will be well received. You (and the kids, if applicable) will also have ideas for decorating your house or a front or bedroom door.

Type “old-time valentines” into your web browser, and you will see some very interesting ones. You see, the first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496, having started with a Roman festival called Lupercalia in the middle of February, which was considered to be the start of springtime.

No matter what you do or how you do it, have fun. This is not always easy these days, but you will have fun being creative and thoughtful.