A Romantic  Way to Pop the Question

A Romantic Way to Pop the Question

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Jan 29th

With This Idea, She WILL Say YES!

The Wedding Industry has been taken over in recent years by championing destination weddings and ever increasing costs for the nuptials. Much is written about the intense need to budget for everything, and ways to cut corners.

Well, we here at The Wish Pearl have decided to start you off right with a pre-wedding, low cost, way to get the show on the road: The Engagement Scavenger Hunt!

So, this is designed to be romantic, a surprise, and result in a YES, to say nothing of a “happily ever after.”

If you have access to her home, her car, her workplace friends, her bff, etc. you have 75% of it done.

One idea we had was to use roses--a red, a yellow, a pink, a white, etc. You leave her a rose out in the open somewhere that you are certain she will see it with a note attached, perhaps with a ribbon. That note includes the first clue.

If you use fresh roses, you will have to determine a reasonable time frame for her to find them all. Otherwise, there are beautiful artificial flowers you can use.

So for the first rose you can pick the color and include a note like this: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, and That Is Your Clue.” She would then have to find Sugar, or Something Sweet to pick up the next rose. Maybe in a kitchen cabinet?? The idea is to keep it clever, romantic, and not at all costly.

But you can make it as elaborate and time consuming as you wish, and that is where you get other people involved. So, she gets to the kitchen cabinet where the sugar is located, and she finds another rose, and another note. This one says, “ Sweetie, when you go for coffee tomorrow, ask for your bill from Bill. He will tell you someone else paid it and left something instead.” Guess what that is? The next rose and note.

And so it goes. You can handle the grand finale however you would like to. You could hide the ring or attach it to another rose; and of course this goes without saying, you have to be there to pop that question.