Brides, Brides (and their Grooms) Everywhere

Brides, Brides (and their Grooms) Everywhere

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2022 Mar 28th

It will be here before you know it–Wedding Season. It is not that couples cannot be married any time of the year, but it is traditional that during the warm summer months, the weather itself implies celebration, rainy days are less likely, and weddings can happen on beaches, in backyards, in parks–you name it, it will be yours for the asking. Traditional wedding dinners turn into outdoor barbecues, celebrations can be in the dark, and fireworks and campfires can be a part of it all.

Given the fact that, regardless of the venue, the happy couple is the center of attention, it is part of wedding protocol that they look their best. This is where The Wish Pearl comes in. We have pearl in oyster jewelry and bridal headpieces, bridal accessories, and headbands galore. We can even give you choices as to “something blue,” such as in sapphire blue and blue natural pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets–you name it, we’ve got it.

Consider also our brand new bridal and prom jewelry offering–a special freshwater pearl in oyster necklace, earring, and bracelet set, modular so you can pick all, two, or one.

Gifts for Others

Wedding-related jewelry and other accessory gifts will evoke specific memories of your event of a lifetime. Don’t forget the moms, grandmothers, and others with a memento from you and The Wish Pearl, be it a LOVE pendant or something else meaningful. Think about your journey to marriage and all of those who were there for you–and, for that matter, there for you throughout your life. As said, this is YOUR event of a lifetime.

Party On, Everyone…

How about turning your traditional “rehearsal dinner” into a The Wish Pearl party. A couple of simple “games” and you are on your way. Enhanced by a “love” theme, how about a simple Scavenger Hunt for different colored pearls in their shell which all have a distinct meaning. Find a purple one, for example, and the winner gets the pearl and/or your assigned special meaning to the present the winner receives. Purple means, “Get a kiss from the grandpa of your choice,” i.e., be it poignant or silly, to something more serious that only you would know. Prizes could also come from The Wish Pearl, such as a special cage pendant necklace to hold that beautiful, freshwater pearl as a permanent memory.

If you think The Wish Pearl website does not have everything you need, you should call us and we can help with that. We are in the business of making fashion lifestyle choices.

No matter your choices, remember we have a lot of LOVE jewelry to go with your “a lot of love.”