Do Pearls Have Healing Properties?

Do Pearls Have Healing Properties?

Posted by The WIsh Pearl on 2020 Feb 20th

Heal Just About Anything With Pearls--But You Must Understand YOU

We at The Wish Pearl have been thinking how pearls can brighten up the holidays even for the biggest Scrooge, the most depressed person, someone in the throes of grief, someone deprived of light--you name it.

But do p earls have actual healing properties?

The pearl is an energetic piece of nature, created in the most interesting fashion. When an oyster opens its shell, it takes in whatever food is there in its orbit; namely, the sea’s “waste.” With each movement, it absorbs these things into its soft tissue, creating an aspect of a pearl, until it IS a pearl. As protection on the inside, oysters wrap their exquisite iridescent material known as “mother of pearl” around any interlopers over and over again until a pearl results. The oyster then seals itself, protecting its extraordinary creation.

This is, in large part, why The Wish Pearl has some of the most sought after jewelry pendants and bracelets--because of the benefits that may be gleaned from pearls.

While some people seem to think that the wearing of pearl jewelry is not beneficial, that might only be true for a few. The fact is this simply can be good for your Feng Shui, for example. But the trick is in all is about matching the pearl’s energy to that of one’s own personal energy.

One thing pearls can provide, depending upon the type of pearl and from where it originates is nutrition. Pearls are mostly calcium carbonate, an essential component in the human body.

For Feng Shui purposes, however, other gems may be important. A combination of pearls, hematite, and carnelian, for example, may work for you. Freshwater and saltwater pearls have very similar attributes, and some Zen gurus have been known to say that wild pearls have energy more potent than that of cultured pearls. Color is also very important in a pearl.

Did you know in Feng Shui, determining your birth element is something to consider? This will help you understand the best pearl shapes, colors, and so on--for the best personal energy possible.

The actual origins of jewelry are more about health and well being than fashion. Types of metals, gems, stones, crystals, and so on were chosen during ancient times for their energetic properties. Exactly what could have great meaning for your well-being today, but understanding this involves a great deal of study.

You need to know yourself very well in order to choose the right jewelry for your Feng Shui. How can you enhance our personal energy so as to bring nourishment to your body and spirit?