Does The Horoscope or Birthstone Necklace Set Suit You Better?

Does The Horoscope or Birthstone Necklace Set Suit You Better?

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Nov 8th

Birthstone or Zodiac Jewelry? Either Works, Depending Upon Your Perspective

Although the history and application of jewelry based on one’s birth are very subjective, we can tell you what we know so you can make the best choice(s) for you and those you love from our special jewelry line. Starting with birthstones, they are defined as precious and semi-precious gems that stand for the specific month in which a person was born. It is true birthstones are found throughout the world and are cross-cultural.

But, then again, maybe you are not concerned about the origin stories and the history, and so on, and you just are into bling, or color, or some other feature. We simply cannot help ourselves here at The Wish Pearl--we want to give you, or the person for who you are buying jewelry, a complete experience.

Perhaps your special someone (which could be you) likes purple, and whether she was born in December, or July--an amethyst is just as gorgeous, right? Or perhaps a January-born person likes amber colored stones--she will not care if that is a November birthstone.

Wearing one’s birthstone provides many benefits to the wearer. All birthstones are lucky, but each birthstone also carries its own unique benefits. For example, amethyst (February) is associated with peace, courage, and stability. It’s perfect for anyone born in the winter who might need a little extra warmth and strength, so why not make it perfect for an August birthday? You can choose.

Also, in this mix, do not forget grandma. Grandmas love to brag about their grandchildren, and a birthstone represents not grandma’s birth but, rather, when a grandchild(ren) is born.

Having said all of this, in China for example, birthstones are not chosen based on birth months, but rather by zodiac signs.

So this may be where The Wish Pearl can also be of assistance to you. In addition to our delicate, beautifully crafted, “birthstone” jewelry, we have horoscope jewelry as well.

Our horoscope jewelry comes in the form of a pendant in your own zodiac sign or that of someone you love, and it comes in a pearl-in-oyster gift set. Treat yourself or a loved one to a horoscope pendant pearl-in-oyster gift set. Each jewelry kit comes with a zodiac pendant sign,choice of chain in four different lengths, and is accompanied by a sealed oyster in a can. The oyster has a minimum of an 18-month shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated.

A description of a the horoscope comes with the purchase of this jewelry boxed set.

Finally, if you can’t decide on what jewelry piece to choose, how about putting two together--a ruby-colored gemstone necklace would go beautifully with a Gemini pendant. Keep them guessing!

So, as usual, you have a myriad of choices when it comes to pleasing a loved one, and you always have that option of pleasing yourself with jewelry from The Wish Pearl.