Hanging With The Pearls--Bridal Shower Fun At The Beach!

Hanging With The Pearls--Bridal Shower Fun At The Beach!

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2020 Jul 3rd

A Beach Themed Bridal Shower with a Mystery Pearl and More

Whether or not your bridal shower or one that you are hosting will be at an actual beach, the destination wedding’s beach, a backyard, or inside a hall or residence, our ideas will work like a charm. After all, no matter time of year the wedding is, you can’t miss with the concept of a beach bridal shower.

We here at The Wish Pearl have what we think fits beautifully with the beauty of a wedding and the beauty of a beautiful day on the beach, and that is---wait for it---PEARLS!

Sticking with the decorations for your beach themed bridal shower, you can use as many unopened oysters with pearls inside as you want. Perhaps intersperse them with shells, starfish, etc. to hang from a net or poles that are part of a shelter of some kind (if you are outside). Netting, say, in your bridal colors, would work inside, too.

Instead, or in addition, you could also build your own sand dune from brown rice, bulgur wheat, or couscous and place the oysters with pearls inside upon the surface.

Whether you remove the pearls ahead of time from your Wish Pearl jewelry (from the gift set boxes with the pearl in oyster, or from jewelry pieces like pendants, necklaces, or charms already in use) with the intent of using them as gifts, favors, or prizes, we suggest starting with our inaugural shower game: a search for the mysterious pearl. Select a precious pearl, such as our pinkish rose gold, hide, and when found, it could be the prize!

There are a couple of approaches to this. You would have a lot of places on a beach to hide a rose gold pearl. But if you don’t want to do that, you can use a fish bowl and have your attendees fish the winning pearl out of the bowl. Dye the water blue for effect. Blindfold the participants with a pirate blindfold, or a nautical flag. You know what you want, and what to do!

No matter what, oysters with pearls are the focal or jumping-off point for these fun activities.

We suggest all of your games be beach related. Think ahead of time as to how you could do Beach Bridal Bingo. Or, simply create a list of items and challenge your friends and loved ones with the task of writing down all beach-related items to start your beach themed bridal games.

We can help you start: Oysters, Pearls, The Wish Pearl, Flip Flops (in honor of our rhodium plated beach sandal pendant, Mermaid (in recognition of our sterling sliver mermaid pendant), and then, from there, the blue sky is the limit. From beach towels to suntan lotion, this will be a lot of fun.

You could also make bingo cards instead of having the guests make lists with pictures or words in the squares.

Another thought would be to make as many words as possible out of “Pearl In Oyster.” OK, we will start: year, pear, pare, stay, poster, roster, real, into, sort...go for it! Obviously, whoever makes the most words wins a prize.

No matter what, you want to play the most memorable shower games possible. It is unbeleivable all that you can find online under bridal shower games, including beach themed bridal shower games. Such sites as Etsy and Zazzle have them all made so the only finger you will have to lift is to click “process order.”

As for food and party favors, can you guess what we advise, smiling--oysters, of course! Really, why not?