Holiday Shopping Made Simple

Holiday Shopping Made Simple

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2018 Nov 5th

So we all know these things, right? Shop in July, wrap gifts as we buy them, get our photos together, mail early, plan, plan, plan…

And we at The Wish Pearl are huge advocates of online shopping what with our any occasion gifts and accessories, not to mention our gift boxes and wrapping services. Shop the easy way, we say.

Use a buddy system! Here’s what we mean. Let’s say you have a bff who is an excellent gift wrapper. Or,your next door neighbor is at home all the time when you are at work and is willing to receive/monitor packages for you. Your sister’s baking may be unrivaled in the history of your family. The guy down the street and his kids always cut down their own holiday tree, and your kids pester you every year to do the same because the kids talk about it in the hallways at school.

You just need to work with these folks who have all offered/or would gladly help you. There are probably many others but you have been stubborn with a belief system of “I have to be superwoman or superman and do it all myself.”

Why? If the holidays are about giving, and love, and doing onto others, let them help you. How many times have you helped them? Think about all of this carefully. When you helped someone, did it make you feel good or bad? You likely have relieved their stress. Now it is your turn.

Let your BFF help you! Each year you get comments about your not quite up to par wrapping skills. And please don’t think you don’t help your BFF in countless ways.

You host Christmas every year. Your sister always offers to do something. Let her!

As to watching for packages, don’t you take in your neighbor’s mail when they go on vacation?

When the neighbor drives up with your tree (and your children) he asks you a favor. Do you have any ideas for what he can buy his wife for Christmas? And you do and you offer to help with it. You show him The Wish Pearl website. He is intrigued by the pearl in the jewelry and tell him you can have it boxed and wrapped in about a week.

So, The Wish Pearl wants you (or your tree cutter) to be helped by shopping with us! A couple of reminders; namely, Hannukah is early this year (December 2-10, 2018)...and Valentine’s Day is close on its heels! We specialize in it all.