Hope Can Be All Be Yours Courtesy of The Wish Pearl

Hope Can Be All Be Yours Courtesy of The Wish Pearl

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Dec 16th

Hope has various meanings, and more importantly, comes in varying degrees. Hope can be a name given to a female child at birth, a most special thing indeed. Hope can be part of a compound word, such as hopeless, giving hope a completely opposite meaning of what we want to share here.

One source for the word Hope is The Holy Bible. In one of the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, he says “yet, Faith, Hope, and Love abide these three...but the greatest of these is Love.” That may well be true, but in between Faith and Love in the sentence is the word Hope, which not only sits between these two words, but also is what we are emphasizing in our writing.

And just to add to it all, The Wish Pearl brings you the word, of course, Wish. We are going to have Faith, that You will Love what we have to show you about Hope and special Wishes that can bring them to fruition for your happiness and that of those you Love.

To illustrate, have some very special stories to tell you that reflect Hope and the spirit of The Wish Pearl.

As you probably know, our pearls come in all different colors, inside the oysters. Obviously, you cannot choose what color comes in an oyster, but if you want to order an extra pearl at any time to match the color of a choice you can do so. This is to say nothing of the fact that we actually have a pendant that comes in a pearl in oyster kit with the word HOPE emblazoned across the cage, which can be ordered.

But to one mother and daughter duo, the pearl that came out of their oyster was indisputably just right. No need to order an extra pearl there. Mom was the recipient of a Wish Pearl gift necklace from her daughter. The mother was in the hospital and quite ill, and what might have been a nice gift in and of itself had a meaningful surprise as well. They opened the oyster to reveal a white pearl, which they both knew signified healing. They also knew that this was not scientific; rather, this was a matter of Faith and Hope that afforded them comfort to Wish on the white pearl and while dwelling in Hope for the health of mom.

Heartstrings were also pulled at The Wish Pearl when a difficult situation ended up being a win-win for all concerned. A new customer ordered a lot of standalone oysters (which can be done, by the way). The concept was to teach children who come from disadvantaged homes something exciting, and amazing, and educational. The day care had to be careful with its money because it accepted government subsidies.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, the oyster package was lost in shipping. The day care director was quite upset, and as can be true these days she was very concerned that she was being “scammed.” Well, obviously we knew she wasn’t and we worked everything out to our customer’s satisfaction.

That would have been enough for The Wish Pearl. But not for the day care lady and the children. There was a thank you note from the director, apologizing for getting so upset and one from the children, who thoroughly enjoyed their oyster experience, complete with all of their “signatures.”

To us, the whole experience broadened everyone’s world, enlarging the scope of hope for these children who had genuine fun and were given hope for a larger world that not only included oysters, but the hope that was brought to us all by The Wish Pearl.

Have a story of hope to share? We would love to hear it!