How About A Beach Wedding? Go For It!

How About A Beach Wedding? Go For It!

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2020 Jul 31st

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! You will always have a story to tell your children and grandchildren about getting engaged/married during these times: that you had a beautiful wedding on a beach and how you did nothing but promote the love of “green” living.

The fact is, you will disturb nothing and will even help if you are creative in your methods toward helping to sustain not only your love but our world.

First, some people send out engagement announcements but, for sure, you will send out some type of invitations. How about making sure that the paper is recycled and biodegradable and perhaps the ink is as well? Some people are handling invites all online these days with graphics the couple creates so paper may not be needed at all. This would certainly save on stamps as well. Budget-conscious/environmentally conscious/tech-type couples may like this approach!

It Is Absolutely YOUR Wedding

Many future spouses these days are considering beach weddings. If you are doing this or, perhaps, a wedding in a park or large back yard, you can indicate on your invite to expect social distancing and will provide masks to the attendees. This is YOUR wedding after all. You may simply require masks or you may require nothing. We just recommend that you are clear about your expectations should you have them in advance of your big day.

Biodegradable materials are the order of the day for the environmentally conscious no matter what approach you take. Are you having food and beverages? Biodegradable plates, cups, and utensils might be considered. Don’t forget “to go” boxes, such as for fabulous pieces of cake. Even your food can be locally sourced or grown or catered at or near your location.

Encouraging your guests to save on fuel will be in keeping with the theme. Carpooling can be a wonderful “green” suggestion and make the selection of a “designated driver” easier.

One thing we really like is: instead of cut flowers as decorations, perhaps you could have potted plants. The potted plants could be created from cuttings of your own plants, or your Aunt Betty’s (the one in the family with a green thumb). These plants could be door prizes or party favors. The plants could be prizes for those who carpool to save on emissions. How about those tiny clay pots to hold place cards (or not) for each guest place setting?

You Could Borrow

What about gifts for your attendants? Well, we at The Wish Pearl can surely help you with that. Consider our “love” charms and pendants for your bridesmaids. We also have flower bracelets, necklaces, and charms. For your beach wedding, each pendant or charm comes with its own genuine pearl in an oyster. You may wish to order extra pearls based on the color of their dresses. All-natural pearls may be the order of your day!

Speaking of “all-natural,” you may want real flowers. This is understandable for sure, but in keeping with your “green” theme, please try to buy your bouquets locally, using native flowers. You can recycle flowers for resale and other purposes, or give them to nursing homes or shelters if this is allowed right now.

Don’t Waste--Call A Food Bank

Food can be “recycled” by sending it to a shelter or food bank. Some will even pick up, be it from a rehearsal dinner or the wedding itself.

So, we just want you to know that we care about your special day being perfect. Always remember The Wish Pearl Slogan - Our Wish is Your Happiness.

“Love, Fresh As The Morning Air...Evergreen…”