How About A Garden Wedding?--It Can Be Done

How About A Garden Wedding?--It Can Be Done

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2020 Aug 10th

So, we at The Wish Pearl are purveyors of a lot of wedding items--our hairpieces and jewelry are high quality and at the front of the line. We are well aware that the times have changed, at least for now, for wedding venues.

There are so many questions--how to safely seat people, do you require masks, how do you safely serve food, and so on.

We think we have a pretty good solution as to how you could require these things--how about a garden party wedding?

This evokes instant thoughts of flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables--a kind of green wedding, perhaps. The fact that it is outside is a good idea.

Go to a park or someone’s spacious backyard. Load it up all around with flowers and/or make strategic use of what is there. If you choose safe distancing, everyone should have a chair a safe distance from someone else, and the next person, and the next if you choose. Your reply card could include selecting two chairs together or one chair at a safe distance because you have two people who live together or a single could be at a safe distance. As an addition to your invitation, add a note that you will be practicing safe distancing and expect masks if that is your wish. Or maybe it is just one or the other, or nothing.

Have Seating Assignments

Chairs should all have signage with names identifying seating assignments. You can put friends and family near one another but just at a safe distance. Voices can carry.

However, you may live in an area that does not require safe distancing, or masks, or a limit on the number of guests. The point is to make everyone as comfortable with being in attendance as possible.

The whole point is that this is a day of love and you want to keep everyone in optimal health