How to Win at Fundraising for Your Sports Team

How to Win at Fundraising for Your Sports Team

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Jun 25th

Are you a part of a hockey, soccer, baseball, or football team that’s looking for an original item to help you with your fundraising event?

If you are a parent, coach, or a player you, for sure, know that Sports Fundraising is a critical part of your overall team effort. It can be the wildly successful, but you have to have something that sells.

You have to have us.

At The Wish Pearl, we know we have something that everybody loves--novelty items of quality. In our case, we are talking about beautifully crafted jewelry pendants, charms, wedding items, and yes, they even include a soccer ball pendant.

We truly mean no offense to those who sell candy bars and cookie dough. But you can hit a home run or score a touchdown if you come up with something different for your supporters.

A good fundraiser, in our opinion, needs a “hook,” and our angle is something really special. With each authentic pearl in oyster gift set kits, we have a real pearl, and the pearls come in a variety of colors. There are hundreds of pendants, charms, and wedding items. Each pendant comes in a pearl in wish kit and the pearl fits into the pendant. Each kit comes with its own freshwater oyster, guaranteeing a unique, fun experience!

So how to sell them. It would be our pleasure to set up a wholesaling situation with your organization where it could outright purchase a few items for sale. We should add that you can purchase more than a few, of course, but we are willing to work with you on quantities until you are convinced of we already will end up with some fine sales!

Perhaps you are not geared up for a sports fundraising gala (although if you are, we have plenty of product!). Maybe you do not want to create a take home flyer for your athletes to solicit family and friends. How about setting up a small booth at your next event to give it a try?

One of our clients did this recently. They set up a small booth at a swim meet and “manned” it with young fans who sold our jewelry.

Another idea would be to sell our wish pearl jewelry pendants and more at your annual awards banquet.

Our point is that you can structure your sports team fundraiser as it best suits your needs and we will support you in any way we can. A win-win for a winning team? The Wish Pearl knows it will be.

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