Is Your Luck in Your Hands?

Is Your Luck in Your Hands?

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Mar 24th

It is often said that luck is in our own hands. We believe, both in our own experience and anecdotally, what legends like The Boss, Ernest Hemingway, Vince Lombardi, and so many more have said, that we make our own luck.

So to remind us of this, whether or not you believe in tangible or intangible manifestations of luck, or both, we at The Wish Pearl would like you to have the opportunity to literally put your hands on all the luck we have here.

Going all the way back to the Egyptians, who wore pearls in life and buried pearls with their dead as offerings to the gods, humans have adorned necks, wrists, hair, and clothing with their beauty. Pearls never were and never will be “just” white; rather, they come in every color of the rainbow, and we see one’s personal preference as the most important thing when it comes to determining their degree of luck.

For example, take the color green. Associated with the Irish, many think this is the luckiest color. But if you want riches, and wealth, you might pick purple for you. Perhaps, you want to be lucky in love--well, pink might just be your color. Want more luck in your social dealings? May we recommend orange?

Well, how about a lucky pearl pendant kit from The Wish Pearl? They come along with our beautifully crafted adornments, such as our Horseshoe, Lucky Cat, and Ladybug pendants. By no means are we locked into recommending these necklaces; whatever strikes you as lucky may it be so for you! Each comes with its own pearl, or you may select from 16 specific colors shown on our order page listing.

Many wait to see what they get included in our wish pearl pendant kit, which adds to the mystery that can accompany luck. Opening a shiny clam shell included in our kit could yield the pearl color of your choice, or it could become lucky just by virtue of it showing up with your kit.

Each wish pearl kit comes with a beautifully designed necklace of your choice as well as the shell containing the mystery pearl in its oyster. You select from our elegant chains and an extra pearl with your choice of color if you choose not to leave anything to “luck.”

No matter how you craft it, The Wish Pearl gives you a myriad of ways to try your luck and have fun in the process, all ending in your own lucky jewelry ornament that is lovely to wear.