It’s All In the Copper.  Rose Gold Jewelry Is In!

It’s All In the Copper. Rose Gold Jewelry Is In!

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 Feb 26th

If you haven’t already, you will soon be seeing it more and more--and it is, wait for it, rose gold…

Rose gold is a gold-copper alloy, and while a bit difficult to pull apart, so to say, it is perhaps even more difficult to put together to get it to the exact desired colored look. Classic rose gold is 18K which is 75% gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver. Copper gives rose gold its “rosy” color, and is used in other “golds,” such as red, pink, and red gold.

Popular in nineteenth century Russia, it was also known as Russian gold but is not called that any more. In the 21st century, rose gold jewelry is increasing in popularity in jewelry of all types, having really taken off again starting around 2016.

Rose gold coloring has been steadily increasing in popularity, particularly when it comes to weddings. In evidence in online shopping venues and in stores, you can find rose gold everything from bridal showers to weddings, drinks and glasses, party favors and tableware, tablecloths and other decorations, all designed to take you in style to that big day. Rose gold is literally showing up in hair and, yes, in designing of private jets.

Probably the most significant in this century is the increasing usage of rose gold in wedding jewelry and accessories. As you might expect, The Wish Pearl has embraced this concept as weddings are a big part of who we are. Whether it is for the bridesmaids or the bride, we have hair decorations and jewelry constructed to please. Our beauty in this arena abounds.

To illustrate our point, let’s first consider the jewelry we have hand selected from our rose gold collection to feature here. First is the Rose Gold Heart Pendant. It is elegantly designed in sterling silver plated with rose gold and features a 17” rose gold rope chain with a round clasp. The set comes with the pendant, chain and a pearl oyster sealed in can, and it is so pretty, you will want it for yourself or a loved one for sure.

The Wish Pearl’s Rose Gold Twisted Locket Boxed Set is a must have for any jewelry collection, much less a rose gold collection. This sterling silver pendant, along with its 18” sterling silver chain, are covered in rose gold with the silver/rose gold twisted into a very elegant pattern, designed to catch the light. While the color of its gift box may vary, it definitely comes with an oyster containing a pearl sealed in can. You also have the option to choose a second pearl oyster by color if you wish. We have fifteen of them to select from, or you can click on the “Surprise Me” option and we will choose a color for you!

We particularly love our Rose Gold Clip-On Earrings in Round CZ Solitaire. This carries through the original type of fashionable earrings (clip-ons) and the new and very fashionable rose gold about which we have been speaking. These are just simply beautiful. The Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is perfectly round with many bright facets. The earring backing is ornate and shiny. Needless to say, we highly recommend these baubles.

Exquisite is how we describe our Mariell Rose Gold Bridal Comb. In keeping with our theme here, it has a rose gold base with flowers and silvery-pink leaves complete with genuine pave crystals and freshwater pearls. There is no way a bride or a member of her bridal party could go wrong with this beautiful comb. She will be all in style with rose gold in the lead.

As always, The Wish Pearl always keeps up with the trends. Enjoy the fun and beauty you can have with Rose Gold Jewelry!