It's Just A Lot of Pomp and Circumstance, Right?

It's Just A Lot of Pomp and Circumstance, Right?

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2019 May 19th

Does Pomp and Circumstance bring tears to your eyes (which may well roll down your cheeks)?

Graduation is a time to look at your child, the graduate, and wonder where the time went. All parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even older siblings and family friends might cry at the sound of this composition which has become widely recognized as “The Graduation Song.”

As a little aside here, Edward Elgar wrote the song, and entitled it based on a quote in Othello by William Shakespeare. The quote has nothing to do with graduation, although it does allude to pride.

But the fact is, anecdotes like this do not matter one bit as you see that smiling face, perhaps a little self conscious, in a cap and gown, tassel on one side, awaiting movement to the other when it is all official. You listen to the speeches and watch as your child and friends walk across that stage. It may sound corny, but your heart swells with pride.

Your child could be a kindergartener moving on; or an elementary school child; a middle school, brand new teen; or a high schooler with his or her whole life ahead of her. The fact is that this child’s right of passage belongs as much to the people there in support than it is for the child, for you have been a part of it all, perhaps even from the beginning.

It is certainly also something to celebrate and remember. We at The Wish Pearl have a bit of experience with the remembering part through our beautiful freshwater oyster jewelry. We have supplied hundreds of spectacular pearl in oyster pieces for many special occasions, so for graduations, we are excited to announce…

...our brand new sterling silver pearl oyster Penguin Pendant , complete with cap and tassle.!

Whimsical, yet meaningful, this keepsake is designed especially for your loved one, the GRADUATE, making it memorable for years to come.

It comes in our signature freshwater pearl kit, which can be gift wrapped for this special occasion if you desire. This is always a good thing, and each pearl comes in an oyster and is, therefore, unique, sending a message to your graduate as to how special she is.

Make this a graduation to remember for our time with our special Wish Pearl Penguin Pendant and best wishes to your graduate!

The world is her oyster with this penguin graduation pendant from