Minimalist Jewelry vs. Bling Styles: We Have Ideas For You

Minimalist Jewelry vs. Bling Styles: We Have Ideas For You

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2020 Mar 4th

We at The Wish Pearl make it our practice to keep up with trends in jewelry and fashion and where they intersect and compliment each other (or do not).

In this blog we want to discuss minimalism. Whether you have heard about this trend or not, we decided to discuss it here and relate it to its polar opposite, bling.

Let’s make sure we define our terms carefully. Sometimes people equate the concept of minimalism, which advocates living with less, with icons like founder Marie Kondo of the KonMari Method ™ which rather encourages what is likely less as you should be living among items you truly cherish. One of the reasons the KonMari Method™ is associated with minimalism is because many people discover while tidying that they've been living with items they no longer love – or never did, thereby their living with less.

Until we actually get to jewelry here, let’s discuss a trend that is ostensibly worldwide, and that is the fact that baby boomer’s children as a general rule do not want all of their parents stuff even though it had value in the eyes of their parents. So, resale stores were (and still are) inundated with items they cannot always store.

We know of at least one store in the US, a Goodwill store, that had to stop receiving donations for a period of time until they were able to get rid of what they could not sell or sell off some of the clutter that invaded their store.

Thus, minimalism, and as popular trends do, minimalist jewelry is now en vogue. Part of the New Look and Pop 1947-1967, it has definitely seen a resurgence.

In case you want to follow this kind of newly resurrected trend in jewelry design, you can do so at The Wish Pearl. Dainty-looking, or without significant adornment, we have numerous bracelets that could easily be described as minimalist if being worn one at a time. We also have simple charms that can be added to a bracelet (one per bracelet if minimalistic) or even one of our necklace chains instead.

Earrings are yet another way. They may be the only adornment you wear, but we challenge you to find something better as a newly recruited minimalist than the pearl stud earrings by The Wish Pearl.

Speaking of earrings, you may want to try our Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings. Their simplistic beauty and choice of color are perfectly minimal.

Moving along, the next thing you need to know is also how much bling we have. The fact is that we believe that bling will never go out of style. That is basically because we all like to have fun and bling is fun!

We do, of course, have our pearl in oyster pendants, which are fun because of the oyster in the gift set yielding a pearl which could be of any color. The pearls pop into the necklaces and can be matched to outfits of one’s choice.

Here just like we did for the minimalist jewelry, here are some ideas for bling in addition to some of our necklaces. We honestly suggest that you look at our site, , and search for earrings. You will be delighted!

One of our biggest specialties is earrings for brides. Let’s say that dream dress is very ornate--more understated, minimalist type, jewelry would be perfect. A simplier dress could be embellished with bling! How about simple jewelry with business attire, but when you are out on the town, your personality and clothing choices might be better enhanced with bling.

The point here is, be it minimalist or bling jewelry, we have it for you. As always, you can count on us at The Wish Pearl.