Not Your Grandma’s Pearls—How Wish Pearls Stand Out From The Crowd

Not Your Grandma’s Pearls—How Wish Pearls Stand Out From The Crowd

Posted by Alanna Sharp on 2018 Nov 14th

Pearls have long been a symbol of beauty, purity, and wealth. For centuries, the richest among us wore pearls ans used them for decoration. One of the earliest notable cases of pearl jewelry was found in a sarcophagus of a Persian princess dating all the way back to 420 BC. Today, pearls continue to be a symbol of beauty and elegance.

Before cultured pearls, the Persian Gulf was responsible for the share of pearl harvesting. The soil in the gulf made it the perfect condition for developing pearls. Today, however, there are cultured pearls developed throughout the world. Wish Pearls are a great example of that.

Natural pearls are very rare in today’s climate. As a result, natural pearls are also very expensive. Fortunately, Wish Pearls are cultured and harvested specifically for use with jewelry. They are grown in pearl ‘farms’. They aren’t like natural pearls which are nearly a fluke to find in the wild.

There are a few big differences between traditional pearls and wish pearls. These differences include:

There Are Color Options with Wish Pearls

Natural pearls can come in different colors, such as pure white, creamy white, a pinkish color and even black. However, you cannot choose what color you want if you are trying to shop around ahead of time. With Wish Pearls, however, they come in as many colors as there are in the rainbow. Whether you love the color blue, want a purple pearl for your little girl, or like pitch black, you can choose the color you want for your Wish Pearl.

Also, each Wish Pearl comes with a special meaning. The colors represent something beyond the color itself. You can choose a pearl that represents how you feel and what you care about, rather than just a color because it appeals to your style. There is nothing wrong with either choice, but unlike traditional pearls, Wish Pearls give you more room to customize for style and personal preference.

Ideal for Jewelry

While your grandmother may have a white pearl necklace, with Wish Pearls you can enjoy a variety of jewelry options. Whether you want to pair it with a high-quality sterling silver necklace and a drop pendant or want to wear them as a pair of earrings, your options are pretty much limitless with Wish Pearls.

Wish Pearls are uniquely designed to fit inside of any type of jewelry you prefer. Customization simply is not an option with more traditional pearls. Typically, you’ll either walk into a jewelry shop or shop online and find a standard pearl necklace. There is little customization available with those pearls.

Wish Pearls are DIY Jewelry

Freshwater Wish Pearl jewelry sets are so much more fun than traditional pearl necklaces. They come in their own little shell or beautiful box set, inside is oyster with its own unique Wish Pearl hidden deep inside. After opening it, you’ll discover a genuine cultured pearl. Then you can pair that with a pendant or pair of earrings. Viola! You have your very own original Wish Pearl jewelry!

If you want something more than what your grandmother used to wear, then Wish Pearls might just be the best fit for you! Explore our Wish Pearl jewelry sets and make one of them your own, today.