Out of the Box, Into the Box: Great Business Builders

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2018 Jul 25th

growthAt The Wish Pearl, while we like to provide our jewelry inside a box, we know that our creativity causes us to sometimes go outside of the box, so to speak.

Are you a gift shop owner looking for an original product to offer your clientele? You may want to consider pearl in oyster gift sets that can be personalized to your needs.

Keepsakes, while they are as old as time, have taken on new aspects as our society changes. It used to be that jewelry was only for birthdays and weddings--traditional things like that. This still holds, but there is so much more.

There are a few ideas we would like to highlight so as to suggest areas which you may have never considered as being revenue streams for your business.

Pets, and Pet Stores, Groomers, Veterinarians, Boarders, Walkers

At The Wish Pearl, we honor you and how you honor pets. They give us such joy in life and, generally speaking, our pets do not outlive us. This is a sad fact, so having memorial for your customers to purchase and personalize as keepsakes are so important.

We have cat pendants, and we are working on getting dog pendants and dog charms where owners can wear the charms or even attach the charm to their pets leash! How nice of you it would be to give your customers an opportunity for honor.

Aquariums and Marine Life Jewelry for Aquariums and Aquatic Museums

Many of us just love water, and many of us also love our creatures of the deep and not so deep.

Some marine life is considered very lucky, and we have jewelry depicting dolphins, seahorses, and sea lions.

Funeral Home Memorial Keepsakes

We have several jewelry pieces that could be personalized to yours’ and your customer’s specifications. As you know, keepsakes of all types have been growing in popularity in the funeral home business and are a great addition to the myriad of services funeral homes already provide.

We can provide personalization of the box as well as its beautiful contents.

And, don’t forget, The Wish Pearl has OYSTERS.

We have many others who would benefit from stocking our beautiful, meaningful jewelry!

Do you own or frequent gift shops in airports; kiosks in shopping malls; small clothing and gift shops; tourist areas/souvenir shops? The Wish Pearl belongs in them all!

And then, there is the most logical place: Jewelry Stores!

How about flower shops? You grow in The Wish Pearl Garden, too.

It is all about honor, one way or another, which brings us to another idea. Perhaps you would like to give gifts to or honor your employees.

Just feel free to run an idea by us--we would love to work with you. Let’s go out of the box and then back in, together.