The “Rights” of Passage in 2020 - A Grad Celebration

The “Rights” of Passage in 2020 - A Grad Celebration

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2020 May 23rd

Pomp and Circumstance; the procession; parents and grandparents looking on with pride; everyone cheering as you cross the stage, especially your friends and family, diploma in hand; a big after party with gifts and cards being handed to you with clear faces and bright smiles...

Down to “none of the above.”

But do not despair. So many of us have seen signs of really brilliant and thoughtful sentimental gestures of love and recognition of graduates all over the world. What this has done is make the 2020 cohort of thousands upon thousands of graduates as a special class all by themselves.

A question: how many of you can tell or will be able to tell your grandchildren that a famous, world class basketball player AND a former president spoke at your graduation?

Thanks to technology, recently created and aired a virtual graduation with multiple celebrities and graduates from everywhere and included host LeBron James and former US President Barack Obama.

And in the not so technical realm, many grateful people saw teachers and school administrators putting up signs touting the achievements of graduates worldwide, on students’ front lawns, on city streets, and elsewhere.

We here at The Wish Pearl can, utilizing the “real” world and the virtual by suggesting you buy a special graduation from us, have us wrap and send it for you, and then your friends and family can watch your precious grad open it by logging into ZOOM, or Skype, or communicating virtually as you choose.

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So for all that many have lost, many have also gained. It is just different. Here’s to the class(es) of 2020 who will no doubt give us a different perspective in the days, months, and years to come. To success, from The Wish Pearl.