The Wish Pearl Slogan - Our Wish is Your Happiness

The Wish Pearl Slogan - Our Wish is Your Happiness

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2020 Mar 19th

The Wish Pearl has always abided by this slogan; however, never did we mean it this much as we do now during our COVID-19 pandemic: Our Wish Is Your Happiness.

When we find ourselves in a crisis, or during a sad time, encouraging words can be said in so many ways: chin up; life is for the living; live for today, and more. But no matter what, there should never be an excuse for giving up.

And that means, no giving up on the gifts that life gives us, for which we should always express our gratitude--and mean it!

So let us tell you here, in case you didn’t know, we are grateful for you and we realize that behind each and every sale there is a real live human being with a family, friends, co-workers, and others who depend on YOU, that person.

Just Be Creative With Your Time Available

Not unlike we suggest for you, our The Wish Pearl family is trying to be creative. We are finding that staying home with our families will make us more creative about things like not wasting much needed food and maybe doing more home baking instead of buying bakery.

Maybe we can take time out to work on that craft project we have had to put off because our lives are always too busy. Or perhaps we can try out that recipe that we have wanted to make and in a large quantity if you have the supplies for so called “freezer meals.”

Behind on your reading? Some find that relaxing. Others may do yard work at a safe distance from neighbors, or plan our upcoming garden.

While we are not doing the happiest of dances right now, know, in the meantime, that Our Wish Is For Your Happiness. Here’s to better days ahead, and be safe, friends.


The Wish Pearl