Three Quick Ways to Pick Your Graduation Day Jewelry

Three Quick Ways to Pick Your Graduation Day Jewelry

Posted by Alanna Sharp on 2018 Jul 25th

Graduation Day for 2019 is right around the corner. What are you going to wear? Of course, you’ll be wearing your cap and gown, but what can you pair with it to stand out? After all, you’re a unique person, you should stand out. One of the best ways to express yo’ self is with jewelry. The following are some accessory tips to help you choose the best jewelry for your big day.

Quick Ways to Pick the Perfect Graduation Day Jewelry

Shop By Color

Are your school colors gold and maroon, blue and purple, black and silver? Isolate your school colors and then infuse them into your jewelry. For example, if black is in your school colors, check out our black stretch bracelet. It will go great under your gown and transitions easily into after school festivities. You can also choose your birthstone colors or some other color significant to your personal life.

Shop By Style

Your graduation day is your own, you should wear what represents you best. If you love minimalistic jewelry, for example, maybe opt for a soft gold or silver chain necklace with a certain piece made of the same metal. On the other hand, you might love chunky jewelry with oversized rhinestones. If so, check out some costume jewelry pieces with the perfect color to match your outfit. Get creative. You can also shop by trend if you still don’t know what to wear…

Shop By Trend

Another great option is to shop by trend! Some of the go-to jewelry trends for graduation day include:


Pearls are classic, attractive, and go great with a gap and gown. You won’t find any other precious gemstone as traditional as pearls. A popular option for weddings, pearls are not only a great jewelry option they also make a good long-lasting keepsake.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold jewelry is a favorite in 2018. And mix and match metals are also really popular. You can pair your sterling silver earrings with a cute, soft rose gold necklace for the perfect graduation day combo. Or you can wear a rose gold bracelet and earring set for the complete look.

Funny Jewelry

Do you love WhatsApp, Facebook, Pokémon or some other popular app? Then why not wear it as a necklace? . Don’t hold your personality back, go all in with jewelry that represents who you are!


You’ve worked hard to walk across that stage, you deserve diamonds. Why not grab a pair of diamond earrings or perhaps a diamond pendant with a sterling chain necklace? You can absolutely never go wrong with diamonds. You can show our selection to see what diamond options are available to you.

Start Shopping!

Graduation day is right around the corner, so get going and find the perfect jewelry set before it is too late. Congratulations 2018 grads, you made it!