Welcome Back or, Perhaps, Welcome Home!

Welcome Back or, Perhaps, Welcome Home!

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2022 Apr 11th

You should consider yourself in good company here at The Wish Pearl. What you may not know about us is that we are not just a Purveyor of Pearls and some of the best pearl in oyster necklaces and other accessories you will find anywhere–we are also a small business.

We Have Missed You...

...and if you are here, you likely have missed us. Although maybe not, particularly because you have been in “survival mode.” Small businesses, under so-called “normal” conditions, have been champions of struggle during our recent, to say the least, “economic downturn.” In case you were feeling lonely, we want you to know we get it and, neither The Wish Pearl nor you are alone.

Characteristically, small business owners (and many employees) are very hard workers. So that is the best advice we can give you; namely, keep working. Do NOT stop believing. You’ve got this.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy?

So much of what determines success in business and in life as a whole centers on attitude. Unless you are incredibly lucky, it is a fact that, eventually, hard work will pay off. Things typically do not just fall into our laps and nothing just falls into your lap. There is almost always a precipitating incident, be it good or bad. If we are committed to what we do, we deal...

But we also realize that business has its ups and downs–we are not fools nor strangers to this. We know many of you have to start over as your business(es) became no longer viable during the pandemic, or one of the innumerable reasons why small businesses fail. Our business has suffered a bit, but we are more than still here!

By way of setting an example, we want you to know that our policy and practice at The Wish Pearl is to support businesses, period, but particularly those that utilize our product. Many folks are now in business(es) from home. We are good at this–for many years we have been a remote business.

Call Us Anytime

Call if you would like to chat. We are available at most times you might call, but you might have to receive a return call. Let us prove to you that our type of business is viable. If you have a retail operation and are staying or going back to “onsite” as a local small business, we know you, and we have missed you. We know you and because we have said, you are not alone, and we would be delighted to share our experiences, business acumen, advice and, if you wish, our product line. Our telephone support services are free.

We so look forward to hearing from you.