Which of These Colors Resonates With You? See What Your Answer Reveals!

Posted by Alanna Sharp on 2018 Sep 20th

colorsDid you know that psychologists use color to test personalities? That’s right, the color you’re attracted to can say a lot about you and your personality.

On the eve of introducing our gorgeous multicolored pearls, we thought to take a look at what colors mean to the human mind. As one of a few creatures on this planet who can experience a wide array of colors, we place intrinsic meaning on the colors we see.

Let’s look at what these colors say about you.


Most pearls are white in color. White also represents purity and chasteness in many cultures. Psychologically speaking, if you’re attracted to white it means you’re organized and prefer a space free from clutter.


Pink is the universal color of femininity. Pink can also stand for tenderness and compassion. In psychology, pink represents hope and optimism. If you’re attracted to pink, even the light pastel or bubble gum shades, it likely means you have an optimistic outlook and see the brighter side of life.


Lavender is a mix of purple and blue. It's light hues generate feelings of calm and serenity. If you’re attracted to this color, both in its light and dark shades, it might mean you are artistic and unique. You might also have a tendency to be audacious.


Black is a dense and rich color. It is the combination of all other colors and resonates with many people. It’s also a symbol of mourning in many countries. Psychologists say that people who like black or have it as their favorite color, tend to be more sensitive and artistic than their counterparts. You don’t have to be an introvert to love black, either. You just might not be the type of person who likes to share your life with others, which is why you like black.


Do you have a passion for the color red? If so, you might be a very passionate person, who would have thought? You probably live your life to its fullest and are greatly determined to accomplish your goals. You are also a romantic at heart.

Royal Blue

Royal blue represents dignity, harmony, and reliability. If you’re drawn to this color you probably like to keep things neat and tidy and feel that stability is critical in every aspect of your life. Blue also represents knowledge, integrity, and seriousness.

Dark Green

Are you all about dark green? If so, you might be an affectionate and loyal person. You could also be rather frank in what you feel. People who love the color green also consider their reputation to be of the utmost importance and tend to care what people think of them.


Brown lovers are fiercely loyal, according to psychologists. You strive to be a good friend and are very reliable and dependable. You probably don’t care too much about the material things in life and prefer stability.


Bright like the sun, yellow attracts people who love to learn and share their knowledge with other people. Like a beacon of light, they find happiness easily and most people find you to be a positive and enjoyable person to be around.

Now that you know what your favorite color says about you, it’s time to choose your favorite pearls. Check out our new selection at thewishpearl.com and show the world who you are!