Pearl in Oyster Gift Set w/Sterling Silver Letter M Heart Cage Pendant

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Letter M Heart Cage Pendant
WPS - M Pendant

“M” May Mean Many Moons, Moms, More

“M” words may have special meanings and when created inside a heart, there may be many, indeed. For birthdays, anniversaries, births, Mother’s Day, and just because you appreciate her, “M” can take on special meaning. How about “Monster” for upcoming Halloween festivities, LOL! Our point is that there are many opportunities here to be creative with this sterling silver pendant beauty. Maybe (another “M” word), that special person’s name starts with an “M”.

So our M Letter Pendant Necklace is sterling silver and carefully crafted to guarantee beauty and lots of compliments for the wearer. From the workplace, on a date, or to the movies (that M again), you might just be giving this for a memory (guess what?) you wish to acknowledge

We can’t promise you that there are no more M's you can come up with, but we can promise you that whether you purchase The Wish Pearl’s creation for yourself (Me!) or for Mom or another loved one, you will be giving a gift that will last.

  • pendant comes with sterling silver chain and sealed oyster containing a pearl
  • pendant measures 1/2 " (1.5cm) in height
  • pearl comes in oval or potato shape
  • Jewelry set is packed in a lovely gift box. Design of box may vary
  • Option to purchase a second freshwater pearl in a choice of many colors


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