Pearl Oysters in Can Party Favors

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Pearl Oysters in Can Party Favors

How would you like to open your own oyster? Wish Pearl oysters are as much fun to give as to receive! The idea of cracking open the shell and removing a real pearl is fascinating! As a birthday party favor, opening an oyster teaches young children about where pearls come from. Makes original Christmas crackers or scavenger hunt treasures.

Teachers, have your students learn all about the world of oysters. Affordable item for large groups, and makes the perfect fundraising item. Pearl oysters come sealed in a can which contains a preservative liquid. They are cultured, freshwater pearls that come in five different colors, each color signifying either love, health, wisdom, wealth or happiness. Parental supervision recommended. These are non-edible oysters.

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Enjoy the Experience of the Mystical Wish Pearl from