Vacuum Packed Oysters with Round Freshwater Pearls

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White Freshwater Pearl

Akoya Oysters with Freshwater Pearls For Those Who Like Surprises

Pearls are cultivated in large mussels that live in lakes, steams or other bodies of water. These lovely creatures of the sea can host dozens of precious gems inside their tissue. Once a pearl has grown to maturity, usually after 3-5 years or longer, they are harvested and transferred into individual shells.

The Akoya Pearl Oysters we offer at The Wish Pearl contain high quality round freshwater cultured pearls in different colors. This listing is for ONE oyster in shell. If you would like to purchase several, we have them available  in sets of five. You will receive an assortment of different colors. Now you can select the shade of your choice for yourself or for someone special. Choice of white or 15 other gorgeous colors, each with their own meaning.

If you would like to order a large quantity of pearl oysters, please visit our wholesale page for bulk pricing.

  • Pearl Size: 6-8mm
  • Pearl Quality: AA
  • Pearl Luster: High
  • Pearl Shape: Round
  • Pearl Oyster Species: Pinctada Martensii/Pinctada Fucata
  • Individually Vacuum Sealed has a shelf life of 24 months
  • No need to refrigerate

Amaze your Loved Ones with Pearls in Oysters from