Sterling Silver Snake Style Bracelet with a Floral Design Clasp

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Sterling Silver Snake bracelet with Floral Clasp
WPS-Floral Clasp Bracelet

Clasp Our Flowers at the End of This Bracelet

Our sterling silver snake style bracelet is just waiting for The Wish Pearl charms of your choice OR for existing charms she may already have OR for all of the above. The bracelet is adorned with a circle of flowers and the promise of Spring as its clasp. Maybe you want to celebrate the passage of the seasons, or you just want something pretty for a loved one. You can always count on The Wish Pearl for beauty--particularly, the jewelry kind!

Perhaps you are celebrating a birthday, or another special occasion, or you want to just treat yourself. We would love to accommodate you. Maybe a loved one needs a boost, or they have a birthday, or a wedding. Speaking of that, The Wish Pearl is known for its wedding accessories, and such things as bridesmaids’ gifts. A charm and a bracelet to hold it? What a beautiful remembrance for any reason.

What if there is “no reason,” for a gift beyond friendship? We know this much--you will never go wrong with The Wish Pearl jewelry. Our craftspersonship and attention to meticulous details is sure to satisfy the most discerning in our midst. Still not sure? Feel free to ask us questions. So happy to help our valued customers.

  • Snake Bracelet measures 17 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Closes with Floral style clasp

The Wish Pearl: We Have a Choice for You!