May Be Hard to Believe, But It’s Spring!

May Be Hard to Believe, But It’s Spring!

Posted by The Wish Pearl on 2021 Mar 12th

When it comes to the promise of Spring, The Wish Pearl has you primed for the best and most beautiful with its floral necklace pendants.

Look forward to vast weather improvements as thoughts turn to Mother’s Day and an influx of weddings.

For Mom, we have a lot of MOM necklaces and pendants, and you can see them on our website.

And for you Springtime brides or those planning the special day in the future, we have our Mariell Crystal Bridal Headbands, one a Tiara with an Art Deco Floral Pattern, and another with a Vintage Art Deco Floral Design.

Let’s Tiptoe Through Those Tulips

But for this writing, we want to emphasize flowers. They are already coming up in parts of the world, and we honor them with bracelets and necklaces.

Take for example, our floral bracelet and bead. Our ever-popular Sterling Silver Snake Style Bracelet with a Floral Design Clasp goes with just about any outfit, and by adding The Wish Pearl’s Sterling Silver Rose Gold Floral Design Bead Charm, you are sure to evoke compliments galore.

The Wish Pearl is also known for its Art Deco Jewelry, and we honor flowers with our Pearl in Oyster Gift Set w/Necklace and Art Deco Floral Pendant

Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer...

We have taken the need to make her a daisy chain off your To Do List with our Pearl in Oyster w/Daisy Floral Gift Set. Daisies are a sure sign of Spring and Summer, aren’t they?

And as the seasons progress, we offer our Pearl in Oyster Necklace Kit w/Sunflower Pendant, which will make that special person who wears it shine even brighter.

This is our favorite season, the coming of Spring, and we are delighted to celebrate it with you, your friends, and loved ones.