Edison Pearls in Oysters AA+

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edison pearls

Add These Edison Pearls To Your Wish Pearl Repertoire!

There is no doubt that you will be impressed with the size and beauty of these specially crafted pearls. Round in shape, our Edison Wish Pearls vary in size, with ours measuring 11-12 mm. Their luster is amazing and ours come in your choice of white or lavender. You will see they are almost metallic-looking.

What to do with an Edison pearl you ask? Well for one, it can be a keepsake item, be mounted on a ring or used in one of our beautiful pendants. Whatever you decide, you will have a pearl treasure for sure!

  • Choose pearl white or lavender
  • Pearl comes sealed in oyster
  • Pearl size: 11-12mm
  • Pearl luster: Very high

A Pearl By Any Name Would Be So Pretty including an Edison from thewishpearl.com