Oyster Shucker Knife

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Oyster Shucker Knife
WP - Shucker

Picture Yourself In a Boat on a River...

...or Sea, or Freshwater. Men have fished for pearls since beginning in 1850 near Japan and the Persian Gulf, and now they are harvested all over. If you are really into this history, there is a ton of information online. Having said that, our oysters are the fun kind and guaranteed to yield a pearl for the pendant necklace or other beautiful item you have selected from our jewelry collection.

This is our first foray into having your experience being interactive and having a new and unique way to open the oyster containing your pearl and we think the Oyster Shucking Knife will provide much authentic enjoyment. Let’s say that you give it to your most loved one and she says something like, “What’s this?” She might even be more puzzled or a little concerned, and she says, “A knife?” and is hardly amused.

Finally, you may be into pearls and love the idea of shucking by yourself for fun.  For our part, we would love to have you purchase a pendant necklace or other jewelry piece and shuck an oyster of the inedible kind. But that is your call and we hope you will have fun no matter what you decide.

  • Durable blade measures 6" (15 cm) and is made from stainless steel
  • Wooden handle for non sliding grip
  • Blade comes with plastic cover
  • Need a whole set? Bulk Pricing available
  • Perfect tool for shucking pearl or edible oysters

Under the Sea, Under the Sea...