Pearl in Oyster Gift Set w/Seashell Pendant

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Seashell pendant
WP - Seashell

Better Than Any Seashell You Would Find

So let’s say you are beachcombing and you come across a seashell. It likely has been washed up from the body of water by the beach and unless it was a miracle, the pearl in an oyster it might have once been nurtured inside it is long gone.

But not to despair. The Wish Pearl has created something so you can imagine what the seashell you picked up might have looked like. This pendant necklace has a beautifully sculptured seashell, and the pearl slips into the cage and there you go. It comes in a kit, with the genuine pearl in oyster as a gift set, exclusive to The Wish Pearl.

Perhaps you are going to get married on a beach. This pendant would make a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids, or the mother of the bride and/or groom. Or if you are gifting something to a loved one, and beach and water are important parts of your memories, this pearl pendant will be a huge hit. No matter who the recipient is, The Wish Pearl knows you cannot go wrong with this one!

  • pendant comes with sterling silver chain and sealed oyster containing a pearl
  • pendant measures 1/2 " (1.5cm) in height
  • pearl comes in oval or potato shape
  • Jewelry set is packed in a lovely gift box. Design of box may vary
  • Option to purchase a second freshwater pearl in a choice of many colors

“She sells seashells by the seashore...”