Pearl in Oyster Gift Set w/Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

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Heart Pendant

Want a Heart? She Will Love Ours

You have probably heard it said that, “the heart wants what the heart wants.” But, according to poet Emily Dickinson, “The heart wants what the heart wants--unless it doesn’t care.” Well, that hardly describes your love and caring nature.

But there are all kinds of loving care, and our Sterling Silver Pearl in Oyster Necklace Heart Pendant beautifully glows with evidence of that. Whether it is for your Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Teacher, Neighbor, in short, anyone you appreciate, this pendant necklace is the perfect choice. Sterling Silver never has and never will lose its sheen, just like your feelings are forever.

This is our tried and true, original pendant offering from The Wish Pearl, and you can be as proud when you give it as a gift as we are of our flagship heart pendant. This pendant is also available in Rose Gold


    • Pendant and chain made of sterling silver
    • Sterling silver chain and gift box design may vary
    • Pendant measures 1/2"W x 1/2"H (1 cm x 1 cm)
    • Kit comes with sterling silver pendant, chain and sealed oyster in can
    • Oyster in can contains freshwater pearl in rice or potato shape
    • Pendant can be attached to a bracelet and worn as a charm
    • Option to purchase a second oyster containing a round freshwater pearl in a specific color

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