Pearl in Oyster Gift Set w/Turtle Pendant

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Turtle pendant

Who Doesn’t Love A Turtle?

While we might suppose that not everyone loves to have a turtle on a chain around their neck, we surely might be surprised. With such a focus on the environment and, in turn, the well-being of wildlife in our ecosystems, this oyster in pearl necklace provides a statement for sure.

Further speaking of natural, each of our pendants comes with an authentic Wish Pearl in a gift box(which we also offer to gift wrap upon request), which you insert behind the turtle on your own, or the present’s recipient does. No matter what, fun is guaranteed with this offering

This would be perfect for the nature lover in your life, be it in honor of a birthday or other special occasion. Your giftee will be receiving compliments and recognition galore when people see this whimsical offering, exclusive from The Wish Pearl.

  • pendant comes with 18k white gold coated chain and sealed oyster containing a pearl
  • pendant measures 3/4" (1.5cm) in height
  • pearl comes in oval or potato shape
  • Jewelry set is packed in a lovely gift box. Design of box may vary
  • Option to purchase a second round freshwater pearl in a choice of many colors

This Shows Us That Turtles Belong To Us All