Sterling Silver Chain in Snake Design

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Sterling Silver Chain
WPS-Snake Chain

Our Snakes Are Just Gorgeous

You know how a snake locks up its “prey” by snaking round and round its body until it can no longer breathe? WE ARE NOT SUGGESTING YOU DO THAT. What we are suggesting is taking her breath away by another means. Pick out the most meaningful pendant of your choice, the pearl most suitable in sheen and color, and try out our solid, sterling silver snake chain.

Sounds a bit better, right?

The snake chains are available in several different lengths, and close with a round clasp and are both functional and pretty at the same time. After all, you want it to last, just like your very special relationship, right?

  • Metal; .925 Sterling Silver
  • Chain Design: Snake
  • Plating: Pure Silver and anti-tarnish
  • Width: 1 mm
  • Made in Thailand

My Baby’s Got Me Locked Up in Chains