Sterling Silver Rose Gold Coated Snake Style Bracelet

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Sterling Silver rose gold bracelet
WPS - RG Tie Bracelet

Belt, Bracelet Or Bauble, Less Is Always More

The quote above comes Dame Joan Collins, and when it comes to our sterling silver coated Rose Gold Bracelet, she is spot on. As elegant as the “Dame” herself, this bracelet can be worn as is or with one or more special charms.

This could be given to someone who has a charm bracelet but wants to wear rose gold, which grows in popularity every day. Maybe you think it is time grandma has the latest in trends as she never seems to treat herself. Speaking of that, how about you treating yourself? Another occasion, in addition to upcoming holidays is Valentine’s Day, which you know your sweetie this lasting present.

Weddings can happen any time of the year, and you would do well to share this bracelet with some fashion-conscious bridesmaids. Rose gold is always pretty, but it is beyond pretty now. No matter where they wear it, there will be compliments given all of the time and they will thank you for it! All in all, you just absolutely cannot go wrong with this bracelet, be it loaded with charms or from one to none.


  • Snake Bracelet measures 17 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Can accommodate charms
  • Coated with rose gold


The Days Ahead Are Rosy With Rose Gold