Wish Pearl Necklace Set w/Dolphin Pendant

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Dolphin pendant

Flipper It’s Not--But Just as Spectacular

Our Dolphin pendant necklace depicts a beauty in mid flight surrounded by water. With a twinkle in this aquatic mammal’s eye, our dolphin will delight pretty much anyone who loves animals of the sea--to say nothing of quality jewelry.

With the dolphin being one of the smartest animals on the planet, you would not only be telling her you think she is pretty, but pretty smart as well.

Here are some useful pieces of trivia to share; namely, the Orca whale is actually a dolphin and the so named wolphin is a hybrid due to breeding of a bottlenose dolphin and false killer whale.

Use this to impress her with how smart you are--but she will already know that because you gave her this gorgeous dolphin pendant necklace.

Dolphin, Wolphin, Got to Love ‘Em All from thewishpearl.com