Pearl in Oyster Necklace Set w/Long Cylinder Cage Pendant

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Wish Pearl Long Cage Pendant Set

Windows on Our Wish Pearl World

Our uniquely crafted long cage pendant has the extraordinary look of a modern architectural design not unlike that of windows on a skyscraper.

What is really special about this pendant is that the necklace can be worn as is, sans pearl, or by inserting the pearl that comes with it into the cage. Another way of fashioning this extraordinary piece would be through creating a customized version of a rainbow by selecting up to four colored pearls. They can be the same color or a mixture--that is up to you. Another idea would be to use one pearl and add up to three more vibrant colors from our pearl collection.

Use your imagination. It’s imagination that we love about this cage and all the other pearl jewelry products you can pick from at The Wish Pearl for any of the special occasions in your life.

  • Pendant height: 2" (5 cm)
  • Pendant made of rhodium plated alloy
  • Chain is 18k white gold plated that closed with lobster clasp
  • Kit comes with pendant, chain and oyster sealed in can
  • Color of gift box may vary

It’s Over The Wish Pearl Rainbow with our Long Cage Pendant from