Pearl in Oyster Necklace Set w/Shoe Pendant

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shoe pendant box set

You Will Be A Shoe In With This Pendant

Our shoe/boot wish pearl pendant is really interesting and versatile. It is officially a shoe, true, but it also has a high heel and could masquerade as a boot if you wish. It is covered in a beautiful filigree, in a nice gift box complete with oyster shell and pearl with a chain..

We think you should give it to a loved one who can for sure make it her own. With the filigree style, it is kind of old fashioned looking so someone into vintage wear or just a plain old fashioned girl of your dreams would love this locket as a gift. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion, she will be sure to wear it to her next special occasion.

In the unlikely event you do not receive this as a present, we say, forget the old fashioned angle--if you like it, then you buy it for yourself!

  • Pendant and chain made of rhodium plated alloy
  • Gift box design may vary
  • Pendant measures 1"H x 1"W at lower part (2.5 cm x 1 cm)
  • Kit comes with pendant, chain and sealed oyster in can
  • Chain closes with round clasp
  • Oyster in can contains freshwater pearl in rice or potato shape
  • Pendant can be attached to a bracelet and worn as a charm
  • Option to purchase a second oyster containing a round freshwater pearl in a specific color

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