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Set of 5 Vacuum Packed Oysters with Round Freshwater Pearls

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Set of 5 vacuum packed oysters with round freshwater pearls

Unwrap a Rainbow of Freshwater Pearls

Our freshwater vacuum-packed oysters contain a hidden gem, one single delicate cultured freshwater pearl. Each oyster offers a surprise color out of our palette of over a dozen colors. Our gorgeous pearls measure approximately 6-8 mm and offer a beautiful luster and clarity. Add your pearl to a pendant or ring for your own truly unique piece of jewelry. No matter what oyster you receive, each one is guaranteed to have at least one AA round freshwater pearl hidden inside. Unwrap them with friends and family for an exciting experience.

    • Oysters are vacuum packed for a minimum 18 month shelf life and do not have to be refrigerated.
    • Genuine Pearls can be used as decorative embellishment on clothing or home decor
    • You will receive a random selection of pearl colors. Please contact us if you wish specific colors

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