Vacuum Packed Oysters with Twin Round Freshwater Pearls

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Oysters with twin pearls

You Won’t See This Every Day--Twin Pearls!

Due to popular demand, and because we always try to be responsive to our customers, The Wish Pearl is proud to offer you “The Twins.” They are referred to as “twins” because there are two freshwater pearls per oyster. Vacuum packed, these pearl oysters feature twin round pearls.

The pearls are the same size as our standards, either 6-7mm. They can fit into all of our pendants, one at a time, although many of our pendant necklaces can utilize more than one pearl. Take, for example, our Helix, Long Cage Cylinder, and our sweet Kissing Couple which would be great purchases for more than one pearl.

No doubt you will love this--it is not just that “The Twins” are a novelty, you might also take into consideration that buying two will be slightly less expensive than purchasing two oysters containing one in each. Finally, if you are a jewelry DIY’er, you can buy them for your crafting.

  • Pearl Size: 6-7mm, two round pearls in each oyster
  • Pearl Quality: AA
  • Pearl Luster: High
  • Pearl Shape: Round
  • Pearl Oyster Species: Pinctada Martensii/Pinctada Fucata
  • Individually Vacuum Sealed has a shelf life of 24 months
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Available in 4 colors, white, pink, lavender and black

Not Every Day You Get A Two-Fer from